Hopper Bottom Cones

Our Hopper Bottom Cones are available for new or existing grain bins.

Bin Cones are painted inside and out.
  • 10’-15’ cones are generally built in one piece, but can easily be built in two halves if shipping is an issue.
  • 18’ cones are built in one piece or in halves (depending on location) and are designed to handle 5,000 total bushel capacity.
  • 21’ cones are built in two halves and are designed to handle 7,500 total bushel capacity.
  • 24’ heavy duty cones are built in halves and are designed to handle 10,000 total bushel capacity.

Hoppers come with heavy duty hatch and gate that roll on 2” rollers and manhole entrance with cover in the cone. Bincones are all steel construction with square tubing legs and bracing.

One-piece cones are an option if shipping is not too far from the factory.

Bin Cone Features

  • No more shoveling grain
  • No more breathing dust
  • Add extra bushels to your existing grain bin
  • Quick and easy unloading – fill that semi and get him back on the road!
  • Excellent seed bin – clean, easy availability
  • Heavy duty hatch door on nylon rollers for smooth operation
  • Access lid in hopper for easy entrance, service, and cleaning

Options Available:

  • Aeration
  • Bolt on Auger Hopper
  • Ladder
  • 45-degree Slope

Additional Bushels:
14 ft Hopper 250 bushels
15 ft Hopper 300 bushels
18 ft Hopper 500 bushels
21 ft Hopper 750 bushels
24 ft Hopper 1,205 bushels


For additional information on our hopper bottom cones or trailers, please give us a call at 620-345-8205 or e-mail us.



bottomBottom view of hatch. loadedLoaded 24' bin cone on 53' dropdeck.
loadedLoaded 14' bincone on car trailer. aerationHorizontal Aeration.
splitSplit cones are easily bolted back together.  



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